Our story

Iris Advantage benefits from 40 years combined experience in all areas of IT and across a wide range of industries. The directors' most recent experience has been on IT strategy development and implementation, enterprise architecture and program management.

Mr Goncalves started this venture after working for leading consultancies and realising that some clients can benefit from a more direct delivery approach. He led delivery teams that delivered effectively and on time.

At Iris Advantage, we act based on broad experience spanning Business, Applications, Technology and Data Architecture domains focused by business acumen. We work transparently and with independence of judgement, focusing on helping the client on key strategic IT decisions. In cases where we feel we are not best equipped to assist the client, we suggest alternatives, leveraging an extensive network of experts.

Iris was the rainbow goddess that connected the gods with humanity. When quarrel would arise among the gods, and when anyone among the Olympians would lie, then Zeus would send Iris to the river Styx in the Underworld to bring the oath of the gods in a golden jug.

Iris Advantage is also often acting as an intelligent messenger that, is always learning the art of the possible from the "lake of the IT R&D ecosystem", so that it can best help the business to make best use of it to accelerate innovation.

Iris Advantage deploys diverse and innovative approaches that, optimally selected based on the context, help to accelerate business innovation. These approaches and techniques enable cost effective testing, during the selection phases. They are equally relevant to the development of the initial concept as far as the idea is seen to be of use, in collaboration with the business.

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