(IT) Architects and the architecture lifecycle


I thought it would be worth sharing some clear and common sense diagrams covering enterprise architecture domains and roles and responsibilities along the architecture lifecycle.

One thing I keep coming across is how enterprise architecture is broken down by domains. The facts that segment architectures can be similar to program architectures may explain the confusion that we all come across. The slide below outines a clear view of the topic.


Domains that Enterprise Architects typically cover

The other thing is how different types of architect relate to the program and project lifecycle. When EA is absent, the focus is at best on the development of independent solution architectures, reducing the level of reuse and consistency and as a result increasing the overall cost of maintenance. In the worst case, architecture is missed and delivery is the first stage when IT gets involved in putting together a business solution. The slide below describes a typical breakdown of responsibilities across the lifecycle.

Architecture and the program lifecycle

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