Oh, great, now there's a SECOND remote Rowhammer exploit

The Register news -

Send enough crafted packets to a NIC to put nasties into RAM, then the fun really starts

Hard on the heels of the first network-based Rowhammer attack, some of the boffins involved in discovering Meltdown/Spectre have shown off their own technique for flipping bits using network requests.…

nbn™ isn’t fixing HFC, it’s ‘optimising’ it

The Register news -

And seemingly just-about rebuilding it, too

nbn™, the company building and operating Australia’s national broadband network (NBN), has revealed a little more about what it's doing to the hybrid fibre-coax networks it uses for some retail customers.…

Agile development exposed as techie superstition

The Register news -

Try fast, frequent and frugal experiments instead

At DevOps-focused London conference Continuous Lifecycle* today, Linda Rising challenged the superstition of tech professionals, a group that ought to have some affinity for science.…


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