Former Facebook and Uber Chief Security Officer hired by Cloudflare

The Register news -

Stop worrying about your résumé, people

When John Sullivan worked at Facebook, Aleksandr Kogan created the infamous personality quiz app that, unbeknown to The Social Network™, eventually funnelled data to Cambridge Analytica. And when Sullivan worked for Uber, he was fired for his part in paying off hackers to conceal a breach of 57 million users’ records.…

Boffins bash out battery busting build for bonkers boost

The Register news -

Patent sought for honeycomb design that could massively lengthy battery life

Laptop and phone batteries could last 100 times longer if boffins at the University of Missouri come good on a new honeycomb design that they say greatly reduces the amount of energy dissipated inside power packs.…

Super Cali goes ballistic: mugshot site atrocious

The Register news -

Beccara says extortion scheme immoral and felonious

The state of California has brought felony charges against the group behind a site that collected mugshots and police records, then charged those featured to take down the pictures.…


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