Meet the LPWAN clan: The Internet of Things' low power contenders

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Licensed to chill or unlicensed to thrill...

Analysis  LPWAN - low power wide area network - is the proposed connectivity tech of choice for powering the Internet of Things - and it comes in many flavours. An IDTechEx Research report put it into perspective recently, when it predicted that there will be 2.7 billion LPWAN IoT connections by 2029.…

CADs and boffins get some ThinkPad love

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Lenovo beefs up beefy desktop replacements - and one is almost Apple-like

Lenovo unloads most of its annual ThinkPad line onto the world at CES in January, for a spring launch. (Here is this year’s.) But the Beijing firm saves one or two surprises for later in the year. And here’s one.…


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