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People like convenience more than privacy – so no, blockchain will not 'decentralise the web'

It's our fault the Facebooks and Googles run everything

Comment  In the same way it has become de rigueur to slag off Facebook for its many privacy sins while billions still dump their data into the service, it's also pretty trendy to pretend that blockchain, a digital ledger that records transactions publicly and permanently, offers answers to a new and improved decentralised web that leaves individuals, not Facebook, in charge of their data.…

Boffins build smallest drone to fly itself with AI

Hand-sized quadrotor packs a neural network

A team of computer scientists have built the smallest completely autonomous nano-drone that can control itself without the need for a human guidance.…

Mining apps? We're cool so long as they admit to it, says Canonical

Better review for Snaps Store promised anyway after last week's crypto surprise

Canonical has responded to last week's discovery that its Snap store carried apps containing embedded crypto-currency miners, by pledging to introduce a “verified developer” program.…

Red Hat admin? Get off Twitter and patch this DHCP client bug

Proof-of-concept fits in a Tweet and can take down all of RH's best bits

Red Hat has announced a critical vulnerability in its DHCP client and while it doesn't have a brand name it does have a Tweetable proof-of-concept.…

John McAfee ‘goes underground’ in motorcade to flee SEC

Babbles about subpoenas, corruption, corrupt pyramidal power structures and so much more

Security personality John McAfee has “gone underground” in a convoy of armoured cars escorted by people claimed to be former members of the military, to escape what he says is persecution by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)…


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