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OVH prepares not-discounts to not-match AWS, Azure, et al

As bit barn builds subside, increased quotas and capacity will land at the same price

OVH’s wave of global expansion is nearly done and the company will soon follow other public cloud operators’ leads by cost-cutting for customers.…

Router admin? Bored? Let's play Battleships using BGP!

Protocol how-to turns into

Playing Battleships over the Border Gateway Protocol probably wasn't a scenario considered by the standard's authors, but UK blogger Ben "Jojo" Cox has explained how to do it.…

Summoners of web tsunamis have moved to layer 7, says Cloudflare

DDoS launchers increasingly target application processes instead of flooding networks

Attackers have noticed that the world is getting better at fending off massive distributed denial-of-service attacks, and are trying to overwhelm application processes instead.…

Adobe acquires Magento to go B2B2C and beyond

Experience Cloud to add commerce and content management facilities

Adobe has announced it will acquire Magento Commerce, and fold the gobbled business's platform into its Experience Cloud.…

Qualcomm readies 60 GHz goodies for Facebook's Terragraph

Also unveils silicon for 5G NR small cells, because big rigs will drown on traffic any year now

Qualcomm has backed Facebook's plan to take over the mobile network with its Terragraph project: the chip-designer has revealed it's prepping silicon for backhaul systems using today's 802.11ad and 11.ay in the future.…

Victoria's educational apps-for-students let creeps contact kids

World+Dog can contact any student via a shared doc

Google and the Victorian Department of Education have set parents, students, teachers, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner a poser: at what point does a feature become a vulnerability? Or just too creepy to put in front of kids?…


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