Is automation going to put you out of a job? Probably not, but…

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You've got to use your time much more wisely if you want to stay employed

Research  Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, the fourth industrial revolution – we’re hearing a lot about how technology is going to automate everything and render whole cohorts of fleshy, fallible and inefficient humans surplus to needs.…

Boffins turn bachelor pad into a touch pad

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Conductive paint and circuit boards make walls into touch screens and sensors

For about $20 per square meter, boffins from Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have devised a way to turn walls into a touch interface.…

Facebook can't admit the truth, says data-slurp boffin Kogan

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Cambridge Anal’s PR crisis man claims ‘morale is pretty good now’ in office

The Cambridge boffin behind mass slurp of Facebook users’ information has said the social network is in “PR crisis mode” - as Cambridge Analytica has enacted a crisis management of its own.…


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