It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming: Storage's coming home

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Everyone seems to know the score... backups, benchmarks and more

Quite a few things happened in the land of storage this past week. When it came to hardware, there were a raft of substitutions in the second half, and we also saw the appearance of a new benchmark that hopes to punt real-world workloads past the goalie. There was also, of course, an attempt to win back precious possession of, er, Tintri. Clear away the beer cans and get ready to rack up some wins with a week in the world of mad flash and spinning rust.…

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is 3

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Microsoft's apology for Windows 8 is maturing nicely. Must be time to screw it up again

Sunday is a big day in Vulture Central. No, not the football. Sunday is three years to the day when Microsoft’s apology for the Windows 8 generation was released to computer makers.…

Machine learning in business? How does that work again?

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Dive deep with our quartet of workshops

If you want to put machine learning to work in your organisation, you should really consider securing a place at one of the four all-day workshops we’re running as part of MCubed before our early bird ticket offer expires in two weeks time.…

Apache Cassandra at 10: Making a community believe in NoSQL

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A decade of technical promise and open-source fall-outs

Ten years ago this month, when Lehman Brothers was still just about in business and the term NoSQL wasn't even widely known, let alone an irritant, Facebook engineers open-sourced a distributed database system named Cassandra.…

Juniper makes a meal of Spectre/Meltdown

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Plus BIND bugs, billion-Euro Nokia deal, and push-to-talk gets LTE-rrific

ROUNDUP  Juniper Networks has issued its semi-regular bug-dump, with sixteen advisories arriving late last week. There's a Spectre/Meltdown patch in there, but you need to go looking: it's in the Junos Space management platform, along with various other items.…


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