(IT) Architects and the architecture lifecycle


I thought it would be worth sharing some clear and common sense diagrams covering enterprise architecture domains and roles and responsibilities along the architecture lifecycle.

One thing I keep coming across is how enterprise architecture is broken down by domains. The facts that segment architectures can be similar to program architectures may explain the confusion that we all come across. The slide below outines a clear view of the topic.


Business Intelligence and Dashboard tools

I have recently been assessing analytics dashboard tools. Two have been considered.

Tableau - foundded in Mountain View, CA and now Based in Seattle 

Spotfire - with a very long tradition in the data and analytics space, Tibco acquired it in 2007

Tibco Spotfire's is generally seen as more capable for heavy lifting of complex and large datasets and benefits from a much larger client portfolio. 

Evaluating, Selecting and Procuring Off-the-Shelf IT Solutions

I had an invitation to attend a workshop on software selection methodology. While reading the synopsis, I thought not only about how much things moved on but also where they may have not changed enough.

When custom software development was the norm, the emphasis was on specifications that the developers, internal or external needed. The emergence of multi-client software packages lead to an evolved approach. This approach then became the new norm, even though we often come across cases where a custom development mindset is used in off the shelf procurement.

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